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Kiteboarding and Surfing

Information regarding kiteboarding and surfing activities around the Cape Town South Peninsula

Below is a list of popular kiteboarding and surfing spots. Note that some locations are only suitable for one or the other (see the relevant tags). Links to the different location pages show local weather information

Cape Town Weather:

Peak season is typically over the summer from October to March/April, with best months of December to February. This is when the "Cape Doctor" (the strong South Easterly wind) wind prevails over the whole of Cape Town and keeps the skies clean. Wind speeds can easily vary from 10 to 30 knots, depending on your location on the day. While the SE is the dominant wind direction, local variations can occur due to the many mountains around the Cape Town area. Also, due to the shape of the Cape Peninsula, the wind may be onshore in some locations, but totally offshore in others. Wave conditions will depend on whether you are in the relatively protected areas of False and Table Bay, or on the Atlantic Coast which is open to waves direct from the Atlantic Ocean swell.

So please take note of the prevailing wind/wave conditions for your own saftey.

The winter season is dominated by a light to moderate North Westerly wind. Winter is the rainy season in Cape Town, so strong cold fronts bring rain as well as reasonable strength wind. However, know that the winter wind and rain can turn stormy at a moment's notice. So always keep safety in mind, and keep an eye on the forecast.

For current and forecasted weather in the region, click on your desired location below.

muizenberg surf

Location: Muizenberg


Address: Beach Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7950

Best Wind: offshore NW (winter months)

Waves: 1 - 6ft.

Water Temperature: 12°C (average)

Facilities: toilets, changing rooms

Notes: Surfing is allowed along the main Muizenberg beach and in Surfers Corner. However, no kiteboarding is allowed here.

muizenberg kite

Location: Muizenberg


Address: Sunrise Circle, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7950

Best Wind: 10 - 30+ knots S - SE onshore, SW can be gusty (summer)

Waves: 1 - 6ft.

Water Temperature: 12°C (average)

Facilities: toilets, False Bay Surf Life Saving Club is based here, though no permanent life guards are on duty here

Notes: This section of the beach is typically reserved for kiteboarding - remember not to kite too far towards the mountain as you can encroach on swimmers and surfers.

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